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We offer various courses and seminars for both beginners and professionals (advanced training).

We provide a lot of different courses on eyelashes and eyebrows, everyone will find a suitable option for themselves.
We offer a coaching course for masters with Lami Lashes certification and work experience.

We cooperate with Dinski Ilu ja Teeninduse Erakool (the school cooperates with Töötukassa).


We also offer high quality materials for masters.
Our Lami Lashes lamination products are free from ammonia and sodium bromide and are odorless. They have a European quality certificate.

The formulations carefully work with any type of hair, which attracts more and more masters and customers who value quality and safety.
Our goal: To keep pace with the times, to develop and transfer knowledge to our students.

Our students work all over the world.
Welcome to our team!

Educational course:
Eyelash lamination
Lami Brow Lift
Lami Brow Henna
Lami Lashes and Brows

Course Language: RU

Course name:

Eyelash lamination
Lami Brow Lift
Lami Brow Henna
Lami Lashes and Brows

Course Outline:

  • Theory
  • Sanitary standards, hygiene and disinfection
  • Indications and contraindications
  • Work techniques
  • Work with a client
  • Acquaintance with popular brands and variations in job performance
  • Work with the tools
  • Working with Lami Lashes formulations
  • Coloring in working with henna
  • Modeling
  • Brand Benefits
  • Practicing on a model with a detailed analysis of all matters

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